TankSure® for Homeowners
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It’s Good for You, Your Investment, and Our Environment

The TankSure® Program is a visual inspection and ultrasonic test of above ground residential fuel oil storage tanks. The test uses an EPA approved technology to determine the integrity of the tank. TankSure® Trained Service Providers conduct the test which only takes about ten minutes. The test is normally conducted during an annual tune-up of the heating system. Qualified tanks will be protected with at least a $1,000 proactive tank replacement warranty. The TankSure® Program’s benefits include:

  • Proactive Transferable Tank Replacement Warranty of at least $1,000
  • Homeowner Insurance Benefits
  • EPA Approved Ultrasonic Testing Technology
  • Scientific Analysis and Monitoring of your Tank
  • Very Economical

For more information about the program or to locate a Certified Service Provider or Home Inspector in your area contact Alex Burns at (603) 334-1016 today or send her an email to alex_burns@bostonenv.com.

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